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IDROPIN FW Water based acrylic primer (solvent content < 2%). Fast drying, high filling power. Excellent adhesion on: iron, after treatment with pickling agents, mechanic devices or sanding. Application at temp. > 14/15°C. and relative humidity < '80%. Overcoating after 3h or longer with: waterbased or solvent based enamels.
ECOFILLER EQW 2K acrylic antirust waterborne paint with low organic solvent content (1,5-2 %). Good fast drying, anticorrosive property and adhesion on iron after treatment with mechanical devices, sanding or pickling. Overcoating after 20/30 min and within 24/36h with polyurethanic or acrylic top coats.
Ecopox EPW

Two-component epoxy anti-rust product based on epoxy resins and anti-corrosive pigments. Very fast drying and good thickness of layer. Primer suitable for iron surface, after cleaning with organic pickling agents or water-based detergents and sanding grade Sa 2 ½. Apply one or more coats of ECOPOX EPW on the surface, before final application of polyhuretane or acrylic enamels, in compliance with overcoating times.